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Fun French Trivia

  • In Paris you are never more that 400 meters from a subway station.
  • The Marseillaise, the French national anthem, was first sung in Strasbourg, not Marseille.
  • The novel La Disparition (Disappeared) by Georges Perec, in its original French does not use the letter 'e'.
  • In French two weeks is in fact 15 days, quinze jours.
  • Lefèvre is the most popular last name in France.
  • There are 27 wine regions in France.
  • Comté cheese is best eaten 30 months after it is made.
  • Alsacien type homes are not considered immobilier, the French term for real estate that also means non-moveable, but in fact mobilier, French for moveable, because they are demountable and thus can be moved. Alsacien type homes were built this way so that homes could be part of dowries.
  • Brooke Shields majored in French.
  • Frogs' legs are a delicacy much appreciated by French gourmets.
  • Billiards evolved from a lawn game similar to croquet played sometime during the 15th century in Northern Europe (probably in France).
  • There is a law that tells French citizens how they can name their children.
  • The French tooth fairy is actually a “souris” (mouse).
  • The French Declaration of Human Rights (Déclaration des Droits de l'Homme) inspired the American Constitution's Bill of Rights
  • Thomas Jefferson served as America's minister to France.
  • Monticello incorporates many aspects of French architecture.
  • Pierre Charles L'Enfant (2 August 1754; Paris, France – 14 June 1825; Prince George's County, Maryland) was a French-born American architect and urban planner. L'Enfant designed the first street plan for the Federal City in the United States, now known as Washington, D.C.
  • Van Loo, Toulouse Lautrec, Modigliani, Dufy, Renoir, Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, or Nietzsche, Aragon, Tolstoï, and musicians such as Berlioz, Bizet, Massenet were all artistically inspired by Nice.
  • Paris is only six by seven miles.
  • The Italian flag is inspired by the French flag introduced during Napoleon's 1797 invasion of the peninsula.
  • The Olympic Games, or Olympics, were revived by a French nobleman, Pierre Frèdy, Baron de Coubertin in the late 19th century.
  • France has the world's greatest number of Nobel Prize winners in literature (12).
  • France is home of many well known artists.
  • Paris is considered the capital of the world in terms of quality of life (Healey and Baker 1991).
  • 60 million tourists visit France every year. Are you one of them?
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